Friday, April 16, 2010

ღ FrienDs ღ

friendShips comE and friendShips go..
LikE wavE uPon the saNd..
LikE day anD niGht..
LikE birdS in fLight..
LikE snowfLakes whEn they Land..
but u anD I arE somethinG eLse..
Our frienDship's heRe to stay..
LikE weeDs anD rockS anD diRty soCks..
it neVer goeS away!

tRue frienDs are for Life untiL the enD..
they'Re more tHan spEcial..
they'rE ur besteSt friendS..

they'rE the oNes u caN go to..
whEn you're in despair..
the onEs that'll heLp u..
eVen when u got gum in ur hair..

they'Re the onEs who'll Laugh..
and go LaugHing with u aLL throuGh the niGht..
the oNes who'll heLp u..
heLp u with all their miGht..

to haVe a goOd frienD..
u haVe to be onE..
so be niCe to oNe another..
so u caN be frienDs foreVer..
anD that's how u to bE the beStfrienD u can bE..

i misS 'THEM' so much..
i misS the memOry i had with 'THEM'..
i miSs to haD joy with 'THEM'..
i misS to make LaughinG with 'THEM'..
i miSs to meet 'THEM' agaiN..
and im soRry for the miSunderstanDing..
for u guyS, guDLuck for the finAL exam..
i wiLL alwayS prAy for my frieNds..